Hand Carved in Stoughton Wisconsin 

Spoon carving brings a new life to wood that may have just been chipped or burned and yields a strong connection to traditional woodcraft and nature. Each spoon is carved to please both the hand and the eye from local timber removed by arborists or damaged by storms. The result is a tool-finished spoon that serves both form and function that can be used every day to enrich our lives.

At any given time you can find some carving knives and a few spoon blanks in Derek's bag. Although spoon carving is Derek’s primary focus, he enjoys making all sorts of items for practical and everyday use. His goal is to keep learning and to share what knowledge he has with others. This way, they too can enjoy the rewarding and revolutionary act of making useful objects that serve as a connection to nature and traditional skills.

Derek's first spoon was a gift for his girlfriend (now wife) Chelsea. Spoons have a rich history of being gifted by suiters to their intended, however at the time Derek was oblivious to this history and made her a cooking spoon purely because it was a heartfelt gift for someone who loves to cook. His lack of power tools led him to a more financially accessible route; hand carving. What started as a necessity to use hand tools soon turned into a passion for the axe and the knife.